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Create Restorative & Healing-Centered Learning Communities

unlearn. relearn. transform.

Creating Lasting Change through Education

Liberated Learning empowers communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to create restorative, culturally responsive, and healing-centered environments.

  • Our services are for educators, parents, leadership teams, enrichment programs, organizations, and those seeking growth, healing, and authentic community connections.

Empowering Communities With Restorative Justice

We hold space and provide the opportunity for your community to unlearn beliefs, coping mechanisms, and cycles of behavior that are not serving them or the community.

We facilitate learning a new way of being in community that fosters authentic connection, healing, and effective collaboration.

We coach to transform the challenges you once had to be the greatest lessons learned, empowering your community to be fully liberated.

Our Services

Experiential Workshops

Experience the content. Experential workshops are designed to equip participants with applicable tools. Topics span conflict reslolution, social-emotional learning, somatics, and restorative justice.

Curriculum Writing

Co-created culturally responsive curricula and other needed resources aligned with your vision and goals. We integrate diverse perspectives and community based methods for high-quality, relevant learning experiences and tools.

Community Coaching

Through "Communities in Practice" sessions, participants benefit from a supportive environment where they can leverage each other's experiences and insights to overcome challenges, develop skills, and make meaningful strides towards their goals.

Fully Liberated Learning Environments

We wholeheartedly embrace the cyclical nature of the learning process, moving through the phases: Knowledge, Support, Tools, and Reflection. This process is rooted in neuroscience and designed to empower communities by offering beginning-to-end support in completing a full and transformative learning cycle. This is how to fully liberate your learning environment to heal and thrive

Speaking Engagements

Looking for an engaging speaker? Contact us for more information.

Meet the Founder

Dahlia Quintanilla
Dahlia is a first generation, Chicana-Indigenous, educator who is dedicated to transforming and empowering communities.

With a strong belief in unity, love, healing, and freedom, Dahlia leads the mission to co-create community spaces that heal and work. Through her visionary leadership, she inspires educators, organizations, and communities to drive positive change and foster lifelong community-based learning.

Dahlia's commitment to social-emotional responsiveness, restorative justice, and equity guides the journey towards a more liberated educational landscape.
Community, healing, and love are the foundation of liberation.
- Dahlia Quintanilla

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Learn, Grow, Liberate.

Heal, Connect, Empower. Transforming Learning Communities.
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FREE! 4 peace making practices for Conflict resolution

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FREE! 4 Peace Making Practices for Conflict Resolution

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