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Co-Creating Communities That Heal

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Creating Lasting Change through Education

  • Liberated Learning empowers individuals and communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools rooted in restorative justice principles to create safe, inclusive, and healing environments where everyone can thrive.
  • Our services are for young people, educators, parents, leadership teams, enrichment programs, organizations, and those seeking growth, healing, and authentic community connections.

Liberated Learning's approach is...

born out of neuroscience, the mind-body connection, somatics, research in how we learn, decolonization, culturally responsive pedagogy, and re-indigenization.

With a holistic lens, we update the outdated learning systems that continue to operate today. Leveraging the human design of connection, the learning experience becomes an enjoyable process where we build relationships, build knowledge, and co-create a healthier way to relate.

The transformational learning experiences offered have the power to completely change the trajectory of someone's life for the better and create a higher quality of individual emotional, social, psychological, and physical wellbeing as well as community wellbeing.

Our Services

Experiential Workshops

Experience the learning. Experiential workshops are designed to equip participants with applicable tools. Topics span conflict resolution, social-emotional learning, somatics, and restorative justice.

Somatic Healing

Somatically process and heal emotional residue that is stored in the body through breathwork, dynamic meditation, grounding affirmations, somatic postures, and intuitive dance.

Curriculum Writing

Co-created culturally responsive curricula and other needed resources aligned with your vision and goals. We integrate diverse perspectives and community based methods for high-quality, relevant learning experiences and tools.

Circle Facilitation

We believe in the power of circles as a transformative tool for fostering connection, understanding, and healing within communities. This process allows us to foster connections, resolve conflicts, and co-create solutions.

Fully Liberated Learning Environments

We wholeheartedly embrace the cyclical nature of the learning process, moving through the phases: Knowledge, Support, Tools, and Reflection. This process is rooted in neuroscience and designed to empower communities by offering beginning-to-end support in completing a full and transformative learning cycle. This is how to fully liberate your learning environment to heal and thrive

Speaking Engagements

Looking for an engaging speaker? Contact us for more information.

Meet the Founder

Dahlia Quintanilla
Dahlia is a first generation, Chicana-Indigenous, educator who is dedicated to empowering communities through somatic social-emotional learning and restorative justice.

With a strong belief in unity, love, healing, and freedom, Dahlia leads the mission to co-create community spaces that heal and work. Through her visionary leadership, she inspires educators, organizations, and communities to drive positive change and foster lifelong community-based learning.

Dahlia's commitment to social-emotional responsiveness, restorative justice, and re-indigenization guides the journey towards a more liberated educational landscape.
Embodied community, healing, and love are the foundation of liberation.
- Dahlia Quintanilla

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FREE! 4 Peace Making Practices for Conflict Resolution

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