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Community Coaching

Communities In Practice

Experience a container of guided support in practicing and applying what's been learned through community processing and collaborative support.
  • Co-Create Community: Receive guidance and tailored "Communities in Practice" coaching sessions that cater to your communities unique knowledge, needs, and goals. We will cultivate compassion and practice a restorative way of interacting.
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage within facilitated spaces that foster connections and allow people to share insights. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and gain inspiration to create growth.
  • Reflective Practice: Embrace the power of reflection as a tool for growth and continuous improvement. Our facilitated coaching sessions provide a space for deep reflection, allowing you to explore your beliefs, challenge assumptions and biases, and expand your toolkit of strategies.

The process looks like...


A Consultation

We begin with a consultation call to determine the scope of the project, desired outcomes,
and a timeline.



Deliverables are delivered within the documented timeframe.


Feedback & Assestment

Feedback on materials, reflect on the project, and assess our intended outcomes.

Experiential Workshops

Personalized guidance and support for educators, schools, and organizations seeking implementation support in creating Liberated Learning Environments. We help your community implement restorative practices, foster authentic community engagement, and enhance equity and instructional practices.

Liberated Learning Environments: How to Apply the Neuroscience of Cultural

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of Cultural Neuroscience.

★ Skills to practice applying and living out the knowledge gained.

★ Tools and strategies to apply Cultural Responsiveness in any context.

Somatic SEL

In the workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of somatic awareness and its connection to self-awareness.

★ Skills in breathwork, grounding techniques, body scans, and movement exercises.

★ Tools and strategies found in the, "Emotional Regulation Toolkit: Tools for Somatic SEL Practices".

Liberated Learning Environments: How to Apply Healing-Centered Engagement

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of Healing-Centered Engagement.

★ Skills to practice applying and practice living out the knowledge gained.

★ Tools and strategies to apply Healing-Centered Engagement in any context.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Masterclass: 3 part

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of PBL principles and the 5-step framework.

★ Skills in designing and planning standards-aligned PBL units.

★ Tools, such as PBL planning templates, the "Designing Call to Action Questions Guide," and assessment rubrics.

Implementing Restorative & Transformative Justice

  • Develop vital leadership skills in collaboration, change management, and progress
  • Access valuable tools like the "Needs Assessment Toolkit" and "Implementation Template
    Bundle" for confident implementation, guidance, support, and troubleshooting of
    restorative and transformative justice practices, fostering an inclusive, restorative, and
    healing-centered learning environment.

What are
"Communities in Practice" ?

  • Facilitated community spaces that provide an opportunity for people to develop interpersonal skills, social emotional skills, teamwork, and collaboration skills. 
  • A few example topics: conflict resolution, grounded listening, inclusive decision-making, and cultivating belonging and trust.

School Specific Commumnity Coaching Process

Holistic Solution and Support

Learn, Grow, Liberate.

Feel, Heal, Connect. Liberating Learning Communities.
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