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Our Services

Do you wish to cultivate a sustainable community that can…

  • Navigate conflict & power struggles
  • Build genuine and intentional relationships
  • Navigate change with ease
  • Respect cultural and identity-based differences
  • Collaborate, work, learn successfully
Our holistic approach integrates inclusive pedagogy, social-emotional learning, restorative justice, and community building. We design a holistic approach to the learning process that allows for partners to go through all the phases of learning while tailoring the solutions to address the unique needs.

You want your learning or working environment to be successful, a place where everyone feels accepted, celebrated, and motivated.

The Problem?
  • There are unresolved conflicts or unacknowledged pain that creates emotional barriers, and sometimes, avoidance of what isn’t working.
  • There are struggles with open and honest communication, clashes because of differences in values, ego-driven behavior that limits cooperation, and a lack of empathy and understanding.
  • There might be limited access to resources which causes frustration and hierarchical power structures that lead to exclusion and disempowerment.
  • With so many barriers to connection it can feel overwhelming and exhausting to individually be the change you wish to see in your community. You are not alone, this is where Liberated Learning can help to provide holistic, community-powered solutions.
The solution?
Give your community the opportunity to
  • Unlearn beliefs, coping mechanisms, and cycles of behavior that are not serving them or the community.
  • Learn a new way of being in community that fosters authentic connection, healing, and effective collaboration.
  • Transform the challenges you once had to be the greatest lessons learned, empowering your community to be fully liberated.

At Liberated Learning, we are dedicated to empowering communities by providing the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create inclusive, equitable, culturally responsive, and healing-centered spaces. 

Experiential Workshops

Experience the content
Immersive and engaging workshops equip participants with practical tools for creating inclusive, equitable, and healing-centered environments. Topics include culturally responsive teaching, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed practices, and restorative justice.

Somatic Movement & Healing Workshops

Available for Kids and Adults
Certified Somatic Healer, Dahlia Quintanilla will lead participants to be present with their bodies through movement that is designed to allow emotional residue from the past to be processed and healed.

Some Somatic Practices Utilized: Breath Play, Dynamic Meditation, Grounding Affirmations, Somatic Postures, and Intuitive Dance.

Circle Facilitation

Community driven solutions
Facilitated group support for organizers, educators, schools, and organizations seeking support in creating collaborative learning environments. We help implement restorative practices, foster community partnerships, and enhance equity and inclusivity.

Curriculum Writing

Resources, toolkits, & more
Co-created design of culturally responsive and engaging resources that align with vision, values, and goals. We integrate diverse perspectives and community-based methods to design engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning experiences.

Fully Liberated Learning Environments

holistically grow together
We wholeheartedly embrace the cyclical nature of the learning process.

This process is rooted in neuroscience and designed to empower communities by offering beginning-to-end support in completing a full and transformative learning cycle. This service provides an opportunity to fully liberate your learning environment to heal and thrive.

Together, let's create learning environments where everyone feels safe and can develop lifelong skills for a more healed, connected, and joyful future.

Learn, Grow, Liberate.

Feel, Heal, Connect. Liberating Learning Communities.
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