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Who We Are


We empower communities to create restorative, culturally responsive, and healing-centered learning environments through a re-indigenized lens.

Through experiential workshops, somatic movement healing, curriculum writing, and community coaching, we foster social-emotional responsiveness and strong communal connections for growth, healing, and liberation.

Empowering Education Leads to Growth and Collaboration

At Liberated Learning, we are learners, active listeners, and radical collaborators.

We are dedicated and passionate about community partnerships, decolonizing and restorative practices, and promoting culture, equity, and healing.

Who we are

I’m Dahlia!

Introducing Dahlia Quintanilla, the driving force behind Liberated Learning. As the founder and owner, Dahlia is deeply committed to the transformative power of education. Her unwavering dedication to creating inclusive, equitable, and healing-centered learning environments is evident in every aspect of the company. With a passion for empowering educators, organizations, and communities, Dahlia brings together knowledge, skills, and tools that foster growth, empathy, and lifelong learning. Through her visionary leadership and collaborative spirit, Dahlia is leading the charge towards a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape.

Fostering social-emotional responsiveness

Dahlia is an education consultant and curriculum specialist who is passionate about creating equitable and healing centered learning environments by using culturally responsive and sustaining practices. Her work is informed by a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction focused on community engagement, as well as teaching in classrooms K-8.

We are teachers, learners, active listeners, and collaborators. We are dedicated and passionate about transforming education through knowledge, skills, and tools that foster growth and lifelong learning for students and adults.

Our Values


Unity, the cornerstone of our mission, is the realization that beneath our apparent differences, we share a common humanity.

Unity threads hearts and minds, knitting a stronger society through connection, collaboration, cooperation, and acceptance.

Practicing unity is fostering a sense of belonging that embodies collectivism, creating a powerful force for positive change and collective growth.


Love is at the heart of the work. Love inspires us to act with radical compassion and understanding to foster authentic connections.

True love is the choice and action to extend ones self in some way, empathetic listening for example, to contribute to another's growth.

Love is a key ingredient in creating connected and nurturing environments that inspire growth, self-acceptance, and empowering relationships.


We prioritize the healing journey of all people. Valuing healing guides us to restore balance in physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

By providing holistic care and empowering community-care practices, we enable all people to thrive and experience personal transformation.

The path of healing leads individuals and communities through a transformation, granting them the strength to embrace life with boundless love and compassion.


We advocate for the freedom of all people to explore their global citizenship, express themselves authentically, and pursue interests and passions.

We create spaces that honor individuality, encourage critical thinking, and cultivate a sense of collective empowered agency.

Through freedom, we foster individual AND collective growth and empower all people to shape their our future.

Learn, Grow, Liberate.

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