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Experiential Workshops

Unlearn. Relearn. Transform.

Experience the power of co-created learning environments designed to engage, inspire, and connect you to the learning in a meaningful way.
  • Engaging Experiences: Immersive workshops that provide the content knowledge you’ve been looking for, enabling you to experience the joy of learning. Feel the concepts come to life through experiential activities and real-world connections.
  • Practical Insights: Gain practical and applicable insights, receive innovative strategies and culturally responsive practices to empower you to co-create thriving learning environments.
  • Collaborative Exploration: Engage in meaningful discussions and collaborative activities, forging deep connections with your community.

Experiential Workshops

The Foundations of Restorative Justice

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of Restorative Justice.

★ Skills to practice applying and living out the knowledge gained.

★ Tools and strategies to apply Restorative Justice in any context.

Somatic SEL

In the workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of somatic awareness and its connection to self-awareness.

★ Skills in breathwork, grounding techniques, body scans, and movement exercises.

★ Tools and strategies found in the, "Somatic SEL Guide & Toolkit".

Somatic Movement & Healing Workshops

Available for kids and adults. In this workshop, participants will...

★ Somatically process and heal emotional residue that is stored in the body through breathwork, dynamic meditation, grounding affirmations, somatic postures, and intuitive dance.

★ Virtual and in-person sessions available.

How to Build Healing-Centered Community

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of Healing-Centered Engagement.

★ Skills to practice applying and practice living out the knowledge gained.

★ Tools and strategies to apply Healing-Centered Engagement in any context.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Masterclass

In this workshop, participants will leave with...

★ Knowledge of PBL principles and the 5-step framework.

★ Skills in designing and planning standards-aligned PBL units.

★ Tools, such as PBL planning templates, the "Designing Call to Action Questions Guide," and assessment rubrics.

Workshop Details:

  • Virtual and In-person
  • Through collaborative co-creation, sessions are customized to fit the context of the community, organization, district, or school.
  • Option to co-create other workshop topics to address specific community needs.

Healing Hearts, Empowering Minds.

Our workshops have a common objective: equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to cultivate inclusive and supportive environments. Through engaging sessions, you'll learn practical strategies and techniques that promote positive change, foster collaboration, and enhance well-being in educational and youth-focused settings. Join us to gain valuable insights and transform your approach to education and youth engagement.

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