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Introducing Liberated Learning: Community Empowerment through Culturally Responsive and Healing Centered Education

As a first-generation college graduate, a part of the 5% (and growing!!) of Hispanic women with a Masters degree, and experienced educator, coach, facilitator, writer, I am thrilled to share with you an unique organization that is transforming the landscape of education, connection, and healing.

Liberated Learning’s mission is to empower educators, organizations, and communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to create restorative, culturally responsive, and healing-centered learning environments. Through community-based approaches, we can fostering a future where every learning environment can heal and thrive.

What sets Liberated Learning apart is the embodiment of our values – unity, love, healing, and freedom – four values that resonate deeply with my own healing journey and passion for high quality education.

Unity and Love are at the core of everything we do. We believe in creating an environment where everyone feel seen, heard, and valued. Just like my Pitbull baby, Nala’s consistent nudges and cuddles, love inspires us to act with radical compassion and generous understanding towards every person we encounter. It’s about unifying our lived experiences to create meaningful connections that nurture one another’s growth, ignite curiosity, and bring joy to our collective experience.

Nurturing Holistic Growth

Healing is another vital aspect of Liberated Learning. We strive to co-create spaces where everyone can feel supported and accepted, cultivate community-care practices, and embrace their unique identities to transform their pain into purpose. By addressing our physical, emotional, and soul needs, we are empowered to flourish and lead fulfilling lives.

Now, let’s talk freedom. As a Chicana with Indigenous roots, I feel the untapped power of self-expression running through my lineage, for so long it has not been safe to be free. I feel blessed to be alive during a time in human history where I have access to unlimited knowledge, skills, and tools to be empowered in what I choose for my life. My beloved oppressed and oppressing people, it is now safe to be free. It takes honesty, vulnerability, compassion, acceptance, empathy, and trust. It takes healing to get to freedom.

Liberated Learning empowers the right of every person to be themselves, authentically and unapologetically. We are talking about the freedom to critically think, to have equitable access to resources needed to explore passions and meaningfully learn. Freedom means breaking down barriers and creating an educational path that celebrates everyone’s unique gifts and natural expression.

So, HOW does Liberated Learning act on our mission? 

Co-Creating Fully Liberated Learning Environments:

This holistic approach happens in 4 phases. This is a comprehensive experience that takes participants through: education, application, specialized materials, and reflection. This cyclic learning framework allows participants to gain a sense of completion while making instant change and impact while being supported and guided.

Experiential Workshops:

Our immersive workshops equip participants with practical tools and strategies to create inclusive, equitable, and healing-centered spaces. From restorative justice to trauma-informed practices, these workshops empower participants to make a lasting impact on their own and others’ lives.

Curriculum Writing:

We offer co-creation with educators and organizations to develop customized curricula that reflect their values, goals, and the diverse needs of their community. We strive to create engaging and culturally relevant learning materials that spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning.

Community Coaching:

We provide facilitated safe spaces to support communities and organizations seeking support in implementation. Whether it’s implementing restorative practices, fostering stronger community partnerships, or enhancing equity and inclusivity, we are here to empower you every step of the way.

At Liberated Learning, we are passionate about empowering all generations of leaders, healers, problem solvers, and dreamers. Education MUST be a liberating experience where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and create a the world they’d like to be in. Let’s unlearn any outdated barriers and beliefs, relearn to heal in community, embrace diversity, and pave the way for an loving and unified world.

Unlearn –> Relearn –>Transform

In unity, love, healing, and freedom,

Dahlia Quintanilla

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